If you think about it, most if not all skin creams are white. Ever wonder why? You see, base creams are used to initially make it feel like you are applying moisture to your face but skin creams are stripped down of their natural qualities and man-made chemicals are added to the formulation, instead of natural enzymes found in plant extracts. This is why you are left with a white, lifeless skin cream. These chemicals actually dry out your face and make you more reliant on their products.

🤩 SKIN CARE SIMPLIFIED is a small company based right here in SOUTH AFRICA. We select the natural ingredients from all around South Africa and Africa – many from local farmers whom cultivate wild harvests yet must meet ECOCERT standards. We make smaller batches under obsessive quality control, which maintains the natural colour of the cream without stripping away the powerful enzymes which create the beautiful, silky transformation of your skin.

Natural Face Finishing Moisturizer is formulated to holistically moisturize your skin. This facial moisturizer delivers a super-sized serving of antioxidants to neutralize the free radical damage from daily life. This natural moisturizer was formulated for all skin types — never greasy, oily, or sticky. CBD-infused, Marula oil, Neroli and Ylanag Ylang, So that your skin gets flooded with goodness. This moisturizer is multi-purpose, gender-fluid, and straight-up effective, making it well worth the investment.