If a body oil is not yet a part of your daily skincare routine, we suggest changing that sooner rather than later. We’re not saying you should eliminate lotions and creams from your line-up entirely, but rather that oil can be an excellent and useful addition and/or occasional substitute in your moisturizing M.O.

For starters, an oil gives your skin something that other moisturizing products can’t, namely that healthy glow everyone and their mother craves. And, of course, it’s an excellent way to knock out dryness, whether you use it solo or with a lotion or cream. (FYI, if you’re using body oil on its own, apply while your skin is still slightly damp post-shower to lock in moisture. If you’re pairing it with a lotion or cream, use the oil last, as a final step to seal in all the moisture from the other products.) If the idea of putting oil on your skin still has you concerned about the potential for an unwanted, greasy after-feel, don’t stress. Today’s body oils are more lightweight and fast-absorbing than ever,

Your body. The skin that covers it, from the neck down, makes up 91% of the surface area of the skin. Your skin, busy organ that it is, absorbs close to 60% of what you put on it. And, while there are lots of facial products I’d like to get off the shelves because of their questionable ingredients, I’d rather you switch your body products first. It comes down to math: if you’re trying to decrease the number of chemicals you’re exposing yourself and your family to, the most effective way to do it is by starting with the products that cover the greatest surface area of skin. Make sense?


Your skin naturally produces oils, but those can be lost via cleansing, and production can also slow down as you age. Body oil can fill in, providing your skin with nourishment that it might have lost. Oils also make for perfect no-fuss moisturizing options as they absorb quickly. Starting to see why body oil is a popular pick? Here are a few reasons—although there are many—where you may want to use one.

Use a body oil if…you have oily skin. Seriously! Combining oily skin and oils may seem like a mistake, but it could actually be just what your skin needs. In fact, if oily skin doesn’t get enough moisture, it may overproduce oils.

Use a body oil if…you want to lock in hydration. Right after hopping out of the shower, apply a body oil to seal in moisture.

Use a body oil if…you wish your skin would glow. Does your skin look lackluster? Smoothing on a body oil can give your legs and arms the perfect natural-looking glow.

@kincaresimplified we created “Body Oil” – Luxury Skin Conditioning Body Oil… Good luck finding something this oil can’t do. Yes, you are correct in recognizing that any oil is a great pick for dry skin. That being said, this one really gets the job done.

With an organic Marula oil base and heroing CBD – natures “007”!, Nerol and Sweet orange oil to name a few—do the immediate hydrating job, but it’s the use of CBD oil that’s really noteworthy here. Along with providing immediate moisture, the ingredient boosts your skin’s natural moisture levels and elasticity, too. (It also gives the oil its signature, addicting scent.) Plus, despite how moisturizing it is, it still soaks in in seconds.