While we can escape freezing temperatures by hibernating with hot cocoa and a pile of magazines, it’s nearly impossible to hide our skin from the harsh, dry weather. The overall lack of humidity in the air pulls moisture out of the skin quicker than a Black Friday Sale.  In order to remedy this, Skin Care Simplified nourishing products will leave you feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the spa.

1. Turn it down a notch
If you’re like me, then you love long hot, heavenly showers when the temperatures are less than ideal outside. Although it feels great, the steamy water opens your pores and dehydrates the skin, making this whole dry skin situation much worse. Trade those lengthy showers for shorter ones with warm water. When you get out, pat (don’t rub!) your skin dry and apply body oils when your skin is still slightly damp, which will help to lock in moisture. 

2. Choose the right products
For the body:  Many soaps can be very drying because they strip the skin of natural oils. Stick to creamy moisturizing formulas, like Neroli, Ylang Ylang & Tussah Silk Soap. As for nourishing then body use products that have antioxidants and plant-based oils, which will nourish and protect the skin, like natural Body Butter and body oils.

For the face and neck:  Make sure you’re using a gentle, hydrating facial cleanser. A harsh formula may work for your skin during the summer months, but you need a mild one in the winter so that it won’t dry or irritate your skin. Use a Serum and a moisturizer that delivers a super-sized serving of antioxidants and natural oils to nourish and neutralize the free radical damage from daily life. 

 3. Polish and brighten
Exfoliation is key. It keeps your skin smooth, which helps products to really sink in and work better. It’s normal for skin to regenerate by shedding old, dead skin cells, but sometimes it needs a little help in this department. If dead skin cells aren’t sloughed off, then thick, dry skin can form. Prevent this from happening by exfoliating once or twice a week, but be gentle! Too much exfoliation can aggravate your skin and can make the situation worse. For your body, pick up a pair of exfoliating gloves, which can be used with your body wash, and get to work! For your face, opt for a subtle exfoliant.

 4. Treat yourself
Applying a hydrating mask once or twice a week Or, channel your inner Martha Stewart and make your own with the Homemade Honey and Lemon Face Mask! For super soft and hydrated skin, just combine 1/2 ripe avocado, one teaspoon of plain yogurt and 1/2 teaspoon of honey. (You can also use this on your hair, or try out our Homemade Coconut Oil and Honey Hair Mask!).

 5. Don’t forget the lips
A simple natural lip balm with spf will work wonders.

 6. Up the ante
Make sure you’re drinking at least eight to 10 glasses of water a day. We’re told this all the time because it’s good for overall health, but staying hydrated packs a huge punch in the form of skincare benefits. Also, incorporating omega-3 fatty acids into your diet will help enable your skin to retain it’s own moisture. Take the easy route by taking a fish oil supplement daily.

 7. Ease your mind
A perfect complement to your beauty, meditation, or sleep ritual, an eye pillow helps release facial tension by gently engaging acupressure points to soften the delicate muscles around the eyes, it further helps to relieve stress and reduce puffiness while imparting a sense of calm serenity.