Despite the fact that we spend a lifetime in our own skin, it contains plenty of components that most of us have never heard of. take squalane, for example. The term may be new to you but it’s actually a natural oil that exists in your epidermis. Squalane on its own has an array of uses and it’s getting more and more attention for its various good-for-you qualities.

Squalane Benefits

  1. It reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Squalane helps to nurture the skin which prolongs a more youthful look and texture. It minimizes the look of any fine lines or wrinkles (and helps to prevent the look of new ones) to create a renewed, refreshed look. Like best-night’s-sleep-of-your-life refreshed!

  1. It moisturizes skin.

Squalane serves as a lightweight moisturizer and leaves skin hydrated, supple, and luminous. Because it’s so similar to your skin’s own oil, it tends to provide just the right amount of moisture without over(or under)doing it.

  1. It softens texture.

Because of its hydrating and antioxidant properties, squalane oil can actually help improve the look of your skin’s texture — so you’ll be baby smooth! Over time it can even help to reduce the appearance of pores and other spots on your skin.

  1. It soothes skin and prevents irritation.

Squalane benefits include a soothing quality that can help prevent and alleviate irritation. It goes on smooth and offers a pleasant, calming sensation.

  1. It’s non-comedogenic.

Comedogenic refers to whether or not an ingredient is likely to clog your pores. Squalane is considered non-comedogenic so it’s a great choice for all skin types.

  1. It controls oil.

Because squalane mimics our skin’s natural sebum, or oil, it can actually help to control natural oils. The skin recognizes squalane as a naturally occurring oil and therefore produces less on its own, making it a great choice for anyone struggling with oily skin.

  1. It can help fade the look of dark spots.

With powerful antioxidant qualities, squalane benefits include improving the appearance of your skin tone — which can include fading the look of dark spots. It can brighten your overall look, helping to even out your complexion.

  1. It’s similar to our own skin’s oil.

Because it’s so close to our skin’s own oil, squalane can help us retain the youthful glow that comes so naturally when we’re young. It works on almost all skin types since it’s so closely related to what our bodies produce.

  1. It’s light and breathable.

Because squalane is naturally occurring in the body, it’s a great lightweight addition to your skin care routine. It’s never greasy and offers moisture without the added heaviness that some oils and products create.

  1. It can help reduce temporary redness.

Squalane has a gentle effect on the skin and can actually lessen the appearance of temporary redness. Expect it to help alleviate discomfort and promote an even, revitalized skin tone.

What is Squalane? Where is it from?

Squalane is the store-bought version of squalene, a natural substance produced by the sebaceous glands that make up 10 to 12% of your skin’s oil. It’s a natural antioxidant and helps keep your skin supple, youthful-looking, and hydrated. But as we age, squalene production tends to decline.

When you buy squalane, it’s actually squalene that’s been through a hydrogenation process. That makes it shelf-stable and ready for you to buy!

For commercial use, squalane was originally sourced almost exclusively from the livers of sharks (ick), but now much of it comes from plants like olive oil, rice and sugarcane.

Skin Care Simplified uses a sugarcane derived Squalane that is EcoCert approved!